Steelcase + AMQ + West Elm = ❤

Steelcase has long been known as a premium quality manufacturer and innovative leader in workplace furnishings. We are proud to have such a great resource in our arsenal! The cloud inside this silver lining, however has been the assumption that, with premium quality, comes a premium price.

Over the last several years, Steelcase has been building relationships with many new partners, including West Elm, stylish and well-known in the residential market, and AMQ, who has been known for their quality, flexible, and affordable products that are available fast.

AMQ is contributing its uniquely flexible product lines, infrastructure for an in-stock furniture shipping program, and streamlined processes and logistics. Steelcase brings its top-notch reputation, enhanced product testing, increased breadth of line, and best-in-class warranty. Finally, West Elm provides beautiful designs and comfortable ancillary furniture to complete spaces that are practical, durable, beautiful, and welcoming.

Historically, if you needed furniture quickly, you were limited to options that were low quality, poorly designed, made overseas, had a short (if any!) warranty and/or very limited finishes. If you had a unique layout or you wanted something better quality, American made, or beautifully styled, you would have to wait 4 to 6 or even up to 20 weeks, under current market constraints.

From open to private offices, and lounges to conference rooms, Steelcase, AMQ and West Elm have joined together to provide high-quality, affordable furniture, available in a wide selection beautiful finishes, in-stock and delivered in 10 business days. *

In addition, AMQ has launched several free digital tools on its website to help with designing, specifying, and visualizing what your space could be. Check them out:

– Online design tool: AMQ Solutions | 3D Design Tool

– Planning Quiz – AMQ Solutions | Furnish My Office

– Applications Library – AMQ Solutions | Applications

– Interactive Lookbook – AMQ Solutions | Interactive Lookbook

– Virtual Showroom Tour – AMQ Solutions | Showrooms

The future is bright!

Steelcase + AMQ + West Elm = ❤

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